Nurturing the New Mom - Gift Ideas!

If you have an expectant new mom in your life, you may want to pamper her, or help make this time go a little more smoothly for her.

It's so important in the first six weeks postpartum that she feels supported, and that she is able to get rest and good meals so that she is able to bond with her baby.

Mommies, when you're out shopping for all of your baby supplies, remember to shop now for things to take care of yourself with as well! 

Here's a list of ideas for things you can give or bring to the expectant mom to make things a little easier and more restful for her: 

- A muffin and a latte*

- A gift card for a haircut and blowout

- An offer to pay for a doula for a couple of days

- A gift card for a pedicure

- A gift card for diaper service

- An offer to watch the baby so she can take a long hot shower or a nap

- Healthy meals she can freeze

- Healthy snacks

- Herbal teas

- Travel coffee/tea mug 

- A great water bottle

- Magazines or a bestseller

- A DVD or gift card for Netflix or an iTunes movie

- Comfy pajamas or a robe (make sure it is breastfeeding friendly)

- Long, comfortable sweatshirts and leggings

- Lavender spray for her pillow

- Bath salts and candles

- Small diaper bag size hand creams

- Cocoa butter

- A fashionable diaper bag 

- A belly wrap

- Baby wrap or sling

- Basket of lotions

- A Boppy or other type of comfortable pillow

- A portable compact breast pump that plugs into your car lighter

- Baby and breastfeeding books (a copy of my book, Maternity Leave, which focuses on the first six weeks postpartum, will be available this fall!)

If you bring a baby gift, consider bringing a small gift for an older child as well.


*Caffeine? It's ok in moderation - if the baby is getting over-active or not sleeping, cut down. One cup a day during pregnancy and breast-feeding is best.

Cheryl Zauderer, PhD, CNM, NPP, IBCLChas been a registered nurse since 1985. She is a nurse-midwife, a lactation consultant and a psychiatric nurse practitioner specializing in perinatal mood disorders and other women’s health issues. Dr. Zauderer has authored her first book entitled Maternity Leave: A New Mothers Guide to the First Six Weeks Postpartum, Praeclarus Press. It is a self-help book for new mothers focusing on the first six weeks postpartum. You can follow her with her blog and on her website at:, on twitter, and on facebook.  Dr. Zauderer has also served as a board member for PSI (Postpartum Support International) and has been the Nassau/Suffolk coordinator for PSI since 2009.